DIY Wall Art: Polaroid/Instax Frame

Hey everyone so if you saw my post about 3 days ago, you’ll know that I bought a ton of supplies to do fun diy art and this next one has got to be one of my favorite things I’ve made so far. It’s a frame for my instax mini pictures. (If you have a polaroid or a wide instax camera, this frame idea will work for it, you’ll just need a frame large enough to fit your pictures.)



  • FRAME (Mine was 8X10)
  • String
  • Instax/Polaroid pictures
  • Clothespin
  • Eyelets (not pictured)
  • Hammer (not pictured)
  • Measuring tape/ruler (optional)

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my pictures with me to the store so I couldn’t put all of my pictures in the frame 😦 but that’s ok.

First thing you want to do is take out everything and just leave the bare frame.

Then you’ll want to take your eyelet and set it where you want and take the hammer and put it in the frame deep enought where you can just twist it in easily.


The do the same on the opposite side. I’m not the type of person that’s super particular about things so I didn’t measure it to make sure that it was straight, I just eyeballed it, but if you want you can use a measuring tape or a ruler and make sure it’s straight. (The straightness wasn’t too important to me because I wanted the line to be curved and it would be really hard to tell whether or not it’s straight with the curvature (is that a word LOL) of the line).

DSC_6555  DSC_6554


Once you have your eyelets set you take the string and tie it (I did double knot to make sure the weight of the clothespin and pictures would hold up)

Once all the lines are set up viola! You’re done and all you have to do is take the clothespin and attach your picture. I put the backing of the frame back in place and decided to leave out the glass. I feel like it’s more homey and it’ll be so much easier for me to change pictures like this.

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