DIY Wall Art: Melted Crayon on Canvas


I know that everyone knows all about melted crayon art. You take crayons and glue them to the top of your canvas/poster/paper and then blow dry them and the wax falls down the canvas/poster/paper and it’s gorgeous!

If you’re a fan of the creative side of Pintrest, you’ll know that there are so many different ways to customize crayon art.

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And those are all amazing and creative, I wanted to do something unique. I bought some canvas last weekend and actually painted pictures with the melted wax. Take a look…

The first step was to pick colors. I’m cheap so I just bought a 24 pack of crayons and I didn’t even use all the colors because a lot of them are so similar to each other.


The next step is the easiest and the harderst. Peel those crayons and get to blow drying. I didn’t have a problem with holding the crayons with my fingers, but some people could burn their fingers and if that’s a problem then you can just hold onto the crayon with a fork.

DSC_6551  DSC_6553

If you want the watercolor smeary look then keep yours flat but if you want the drippy look then holding it vertical will give it that look. Also, rotating the canvas every now and then helps keep the drippy things interesting! I would also reheat the wax that dried after a while to give it an interesting look.

Check out the final product! Isn’t it cool!

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