Acceptance Package


It’s confirmed that I’m going to Columbia.

I wouldn’t have this blog if I wasn’t actually transferring to Columbia.It’s actually pretty interesting how I found out that I got accepted. I was tumblr scrolling (as I always do) and I got an email at 1 AM saying that I’ve been accepted but I’ve yet to RSVP for Orientation.

I was a little taken aback, but I was pretty excited because that means that I got accepted. However, I was a tad bit sad that I didn’t get a massive package in the mail saying I got accepted like most schools send their admitted students, but I figured that I’m a transfer student and they probably don’t do a “Big Acceptance Shebang” for transfer students.

So you can imagine my joy today when I got that “Big Shebang” package today!

For all who don’t know, Columbia is an art school. Meaning they are extremely unique and innovative and their acceptance package expressed just that.

I got a black box with different colorful symbols all over it. The fact that my acceptance package was in a box rather than an envelope was surprising. And once I finally opened the box, I was even more blown away.

Not only was there the usual information about what my next steps are, but there were postcards to send to my friends and family about my acceptance, a sketchbook, and if the sketchbook didn’t make my day, it was the stickers that did!


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Just when I thought I couldn’t like this school even more.

Knowing that Columbia treats their transfers with love and even knowing that they go all out with these fancy boxes for acceptances, makes me ecstatic for what’s going to happen when I get to Chicago in the fall.