About Me

Hey everyone, I’m Cheryl and I’m going to Chicago!


I’m transferring from Indiana University to go to Columbia College Chicago and I am beyond excited. I figured I’ll use this first post to explain why I’m transferring and what I hope to gain in terms of experience and future goals in my career. (I know, deep stuff)

OK, so at IU I majored in marketing. And while I still like marketing, after seeing people who graduated with a marketing degree, the majority of people who did ,marketing at IU ended up doing retail, sales or brand management. When I decided that advertising was for me, I spoke with my career coach and she said that Kelley had no connections with advertising firms or had companies that came to the school that hired just for advertising. She said she knew people who went into advertising, but the school wouldn’t be able to help. After we spoke, I looked at course descriptions and realized that none of the classes taught skills that I knew I would need for advertising.

So I figured, why am I going to stay at a school where I would have to find all the connections myself and then still not get the skills that I needed to go into advertising. And that’s when I decided to look around and I came across Columbia. The school seemed perfect, it was in Chicago so I could stay in the midwest area, but have an awesome city.

After researching what the school had, I narrowed down what I would major in to marketing communication with a concentration in advertising and advertising art direction. Then, I looked up the resumes and portfolios of people who graduated with both degrees and I realized that the people who were doing what I wanted to do in the future and were able to create things that I wanted to be able to create were the advertising art direction majors.

Unfortunately, I figured this all out by the beginning of May, but luckily, Columbia is rolling admissions, so I applied as soon as I spoke to my mom about it and I just found out I got accepted three days ago, so I am beyond excited!

Now, here are some things that I can’t seem to get out of my mind when I end up thinking about the upcoming fall.

Fears:  I think a better way to phrase this would be Things on My Mind

  • Not making any friends: The way Columbia is set up is the exact opposite of IU. They don’t have a campus, only 24 buildings. Even their dorm set up is different, they own 1 building set up for Columbia students, then they share 2 others with different chicago colleges. I didn’t really want to live in their housing, unless they give me the cheap one, but I fear that if I don’t live in their housing and I go live elsewhere, I want have any frrrannns. boo.
  • Money, Money, Money, Money $$$: I had a full ride to IU, yes a full ride.I paid for nothing but my books, but then I just had left over money from outside scholarships that I used to pay for those and I don’t think I’ll have the luxury of a full ride at Columbia. I say, “I don’t think” because I haven’t gotten my financial award letter yet and I could get a lot of money from them, hopefully I do, because my mom and I are super poor (my EFC is 0). I don’t know what the situation is with their financial aid, but I hope they meet need.
  • Keeping my current friends: I’m actually not too worried about this, because what I learned when I was going away to college is that my real friends and I will keep in contact no matter what so…But still, at IU I made a great amount of friends, people from my floor and the business fraternity I joined first semester. Those people are honestly my family and it sucks that I can’t be in Bloomington with them. But I plan on visiting in October for an Aaron Carter concert, yes he still performs, and their formal is going to be in Chicago, so I’ll crash that.

Things I’m Excited For

  • Doing what I love: Like I said before, at IU I wouldn’t have been able to learn the things I needed fro advertising or things that I think would have been interesting to me. I looked at the degree requirements for Columbia and it seems to be a lot more creative and I’m really nervous (because I can’t really draw) but I’m also super pumped. I’m even going to minor in photography!
  • Dating: I didn’t date at all my freshman year (just druken embraces) and I hope I meet someone nice who likes to eat a lot, watch Netflix, dance bad, and will take me out on corny dates in Millennium Park.
  • Chicago: Chicago is a really nice city, when I first went there I was completely blown away, it is really clean and I love all the flowers and trees right on the sidewalks and in the middle of the road. I haven’t lived in a place like Chicago for so long. I love being able to walk everywhere and taking public transportation, and I couldn’t do that at IU, even when I go home, I live in the ‘burbs, so I need a car everywhere I go.

Sorry that this post is really long, but I’m bored at my house, I’ll try to keep the others short. Um…I don’t know what else I want to say, so I’m just going to put a bunch of random facts about myself with pictures! Enjoy!

And until next time,


1. I love to dance and sing, even though I’m terrible at both!


2. I will be the proud owner of a horse or unicorn mask


3. I love recording things!

Here’s my Youtube channel so you can check me out. I also made my floors Harlem Shake video.


4. I love Vampire Diaries and True Blood. (But only for the sex and violence)


5. I own 3 cameras. A Flip, a Nikon, and Fujifilm.

I want more.


6. I am a battleship champion!


7. My three favorite bands are Muse, Coldplay and The Killers.

But I love One Direction.