DIY Wall Art: Polaroid/Instax Frame

Hey everyone so if you saw my post about 3 days ago, you’ll know that I bought a ton of supplies to do fun diy art and this next one has got to… Continue reading

DIY Wall Art: Melted Crayon on Canvas

I know that everyone knows all about melted crayon art. You take crayons and glue them to the top of your canvas/poster/paper and then blow dry them and the wax falls down the… Continue reading

Operation: Don’t Be Bored Over the Summer

As you can see,¬†I bought: 6 acrylic paints painter tape a frame 3 bundles of string a hammer eyelets measuring tape crayons sandpaper 4 boxes of nails paintbrushes of all sizes 6 canvases… Continue reading

Unique Questionnaire

It’s friday! And instead of hanging out with friends, I decided to answer a bunch of questions about myself. These are pretty unique questions and I thought they were pretty interesting and not… Continue reading

Manifest 2013

My visit to Columbia during Manifest 2013.

Acceptance Package

It’s confirmed that I’m going to Columbia. I wouldn’t have this blog if I wasn’t actually¬†transferring to Columbia.It’s actually pretty interesting how I found out that I got accepted. I was tumblr scrolling… Continue reading

About Me

Hey everyone, I’m Cheryl and I’m going to Chicago! I’m transferring from Indiana University to go to Columbia College Chicago and I am beyond excited. I figured I’ll use this first post to… Continue reading